16 March 2013


Evening all! Today I ventured out to Bristol to the South West Bloggers Meet with Sion which was held in Poccolino's and met two super special ladies, one of whom being Karen from MissionStyle and her good friend Kristie! Kristie was really passionate about nail polishes and her nails were gorgeous so I tried to persuade her to create her own beauty blog so fingers crossed! It's such a unique position to be in as a blogger being able to step outside your comfort zone and meet new people in a safe environment! I would highly recommend that if you haven't been to a bloggers meet yet I would definitely go along to the next one you've heard about! It's such great fun, I've had a wonderful spur of the moment night with Karen, Kristie and Sion! 

I wore my new shirt which I picked up from Primark for a tasty £12! The pattern reminds me of my Mum's old tea set, it kind of has that vibe and I like that! I visited Primark recently with Betti from TorchTheTreasure and as we were walking round we noticed there were a lot of garments we liked but thought they'd either loose their shape in the wash or that the fabric was so cheap it would bobble after one wear! I do think their standards are slipping and as their prices are rising I think they need to think about upping their game in all areas not just here and there!
Shirt: Primark
Disco Pants: Riverisland.com
Loafers: ASOS.com

I did however find this gem of a coat in Primark for £30! They had a very similar one in the sale but it had full length sleeves and a collar.. not much of a difference which confused me! I screwed on the triangular collars which I bought seperately in Primark too!
Here's a close up of the detail of the jacket and shirt
 Karen inspired me to join 'What I Wore Today' so I have a new profile under THEPULSEOFFASHION and I'm really excited to get stuck in! Please add me and I will follow back on there! 
 There's going to be a South West Bloggers Meet in Cardiff on the 27th of April, would be great to see you all there, here's the link to the Facebook page set up exclusively for the event. 
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Hwyl am y tro


  1. It was fab to meet you both, a random meet that's inspired us both! Look forward to the 27th! x

    1. Indeed! You guys made it worth the journey! Thank you for a lovely evening!! xx

  2. I love how you added those collar tips to the coat, it looks great :)

    Soul Sparkler

    1. Thank you lovely :) was hard work screwing them in though haha x

  3. Love this shirt and coat but I definitely agree about the quality of clothes from Primark x

    1. Yeah they need to start looking at the whole picture eh! We can only hope! X

  4. Your make up is always flawless and I love that shirt!! :D


  5. Gorgeous coat! I love your blouse too x



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